What security mechanisms does RenterUp employ?

We use the following security tools, technologies, and techniques to protect your funds and personal information:


The RenterUp application enforces SSL connections to encrypt all data going to and from our servers. While using app.renterup.com, check your browser's address bar and you'll notice that the URL always begins with https://

Data Encryption and Storage

Your RenterUp password is encrypted using one-way encryption. This means that even we cannot see your password in plaintext.

Other sensitive information (e.g. date of birth) is encrypted via industry-standard asymmetric encryption. We follow PCI-DSS best practices for all sensitive data (not just credit cards).

Restricted Data Surfacing

We ask for certain sensitive information in an input-only fashion, which means that once you've submitted it, we don't show it to you anywhere again, and the only way to change it is to contact us or, in some cases (e.g. a linked Bank Account), to remove and re-submit.

Required Password Entry

When sensitive data that could harm you is submitted (e.g. for landlords, a new Bank Account for receiving funds), we will ask for your password. Apologies for the added friction, but thanks for understanding!

Third Party Payment Processor

All payments are processed via our partner, Stripe. Stripe is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant processor with a security compliance page of their own.


As a fraud prevention mechanism, we require tenants to verify their Bank Accounts. Admittedly, this process is cumbersome, but is only needed once per Bank Account. The process works like this:

1. RenterUp makes two small deposits (each less than $1) into the bank account. It usually takes 1-2 business days for these to appear.
2. After the deposit amounts appear in his / her bank statement, a tenant must go back to the Bank Account screen within RenterUp and enter the amounts into a form.
3. If the amounts are correct, the account will be marked as verified and the tenant will be able to pay rent online.

Identity Verification

We verify the identity of all landlords who process rent payments via RenterUp. Among other things, this protects tenants by ensuring that they are paying rent to the appropriate party.

The first step in this process is confirmation of the email address used to sign up. The next step is to corroborate multiple pieces of personal information
RenterUp may do this using several validation processes, and if needed may reach out directly to landlords, tenants, or financial institutions for more information.

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