Does RenterUp support late fees (Landlords)?

Yes! Late Fees can be set from a property's Rent section, accessible directly from the Property Quickview on the Dashboard.

Here are the details:

1. When you add a property, a timezone will be inferred from the property's zip code. When you set a due date for your rent bill, rent will be due before midnight that night, in that time zone. Be sure to double-check the timezone when you are entering your rent rules:

2. To set up a late fee, first set the fee amount, then choose a grace period length. Note that the descriptive text under the grace period dropdown can help clarify exactly when rent will be considered "late" based on the selected grace period value.

3. When a late fee is applied, you and your tenants will be notified via email and in the Activity Feed. This notification will include the updated balance for that particular bill.

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