How do I reverse a fee (Landlords)?

Reversing fees was primarily implemented for Late Fees that a Landlord may want to waive in certain circumstances, but Landlords have the ability to reverse any fee (Rent, Pet, Parking, Utility, etc) on a bill that has not been paid yet.

First, a Landlord will need to access the Bill that contains the fee to reverse. Access that bill from the Payments page or from the Activity Feed in your Dashboard by clicking "rent invoice" within that line item:

From Payments Page

From Activity Feed on Dashboard

To reverse the fee, find the fee line item and select "Reverse" underneath the amount. A confirmation prompt will confirm that you want to reverse this fee -- click Ok and a new Reversal line item will appear at the bottom of the Bill.

Reversal Button Location and Reversal Line Item

Close Up View of the Fee to be Reversed, and the Reversal Line Item Applied

To undo a reversal, simply "Reverse" the newly added Reversal Line Item. This will create an additional line item showing, in this case, +$50 being applied back to the Bill. You can reverse and undo-reverse as many times as necessary and they will all be indicated on the Bill.

Emails are sent to the tenant after any reversal or undo-reversal is applied. A notification also appears in the Tenant's Activity Feed indicating a reversal was applied to their Bill. Here is an example email of what the Tenant receives:

Email Tenant Receives Notifying Them of a Reversal to Their Bill

Notification in a Tenant's Activity Feed

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