Does RenterUp support daily late fees (Landlords)?

Yes! A daily late fee penalty can be added from the Rent Tab of the Property Wizard.

There are 2 locations you can access the Rent Tab: 
  • Rent section/row in the Property Quickview on the Dashboard
  • Rent Editing Section on the Property Details Page
Accessing the Rent Tab from the Property Quickview on the Dashboard

Accessing the Rent Tab from the Property Details Page

In the Rent Tab, scroll down to the Late Fees section and, if not already completed, add an amount that you want to charge for a one-time Late Fee. Then, underneath the amount, input the dollar amount that you would like to charge the tenant each day until the bill is paid in full.

Late Fee Section on the Rent Tab Showing Where to Add Daily Amount Rate

This daily late penalty will be applied to the Tenant's bill at midnight of each day and can be viewed on the Bill.

A Daily Late Penalty Fee Applied to the Property Bill

Tenants will receive an email and a notification in their Activity Feed informing them of this additional fee.

Email a Tenant Receives Notifying Them of The Penalty Fee

Activity Feed Notification for The Penalty Fee

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